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Board of Directors


Carl Rummel


Dirk Kenfield


Kerry Bronson

CFO & Treasurer

Ed Bezanson (CFO) & Craig Ekegren(co-CFO)

Additional Board Members:

Marlene Atiyeh & Rick Orizotti


Landscape Committee (LC)

Richard (Corey) Atiyeh, Gerry Meyer, John (Chip) Miller

Board Liaison - Dirk Kenfield

Neighborhood Quality Committee (NQC)

Orville Einsiedel, Mike Frellick, Robert Johnson, Elizabeth Wood, Daniel Worrell, Mary Zahn

Board Liaison - Ed Bezanson

Hospitality Committee (HC)

Doris Nordstrom & Annette Rummel (co-chairs), Claudia Eccles, Carol Wenderoth, Jim Wenderoth

Board Liaison - Carl Rummel

Nominating Committee (NC)

The NC is created prior to the annual homeowner's meeting. The NC shall consist of a Chairman (member of the Board) and two or more members of the association.

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