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What do they do for us?

HOA Manager

Latitude Management & Consulting
Carly Tuman Taylor

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What does the HOA Manager do for the Board & Association Members?

  • Maintain all property accounts (communication, accounting, billing, invoicing, reports)

  • Bookkeeping & accounting communication

  • Customized accounting report (P&L, Balance Sheet)

  • Monthly invoicing/statements to all homeowners

  • Engineer and update Canyon River website

  • New homeowner setup/welcome packet/questionnaire

  • Administrative homeowners (mailings, letters, notices, email/phone correspondence)

  • Facilitate communication from homeowners to Board or Committees

  • Communication record keeping

  • Delinquent account management

  • Legal representation/management (i.e. lien recording)

  • Provide necessary documents to CPA firm for 1120/ tax preparation/audit

  • Maintenance services with direction from the Maintenance Committee or Board

  • Facilitate/assign general maintenance services for all homeowners

  • HOA meeting support

  • Meeting invitations

  • Meeting minutes

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